Houston Grant Application/Selection Process

Since 1997 Golfers Against Cancer has awarded cancer research grants on annual basis to local (Houston) institutions. The original GAC Board established the following selection process and criteria that has been used every year.

The GAC Beneficiary Committee makes the grant selections following an in-depth review of research applications.  Four criteria guide the selection process:

1.  Research is Aimed at Finding a Cure for Cancer
GAC funds are for research costs only; NO administrative expenses, travel, patient care, etc.

2.  Research is Novel and Offers High Potential for a Medical Breakthrough

3.  Operational Leverage
Results have the potential to be replicated to other types of cancer
Results have the potential to affect large numbers of cancer patients

4.  Financial Leverage (matching funds)
Potential for significant government and private funding

Researchers interested in applying for funds should complete the two-part application and submit via email to the GAC Beneficiary Chair by September 1.

Grant applications are reviewed and ranked by members of the GAC Beneficiary Committee.  For the top ranked projects we meet with researchers in late September/early October.  Researchers present a summary of their proposal and field questions from the Beneficiary Committee.  Grants are awarded at our annual Beneficiary Luncheon the following February or March.