Buy a brick inscription in our Brick Memorial. What better way to honor family or friends who have battled cancer than buying a brick in their memory? Plus, your donation will contribute to cancer research. The wall at Deerwood Country Club was constructed through the wonderful contributions of Manny Benitez, Javier De La Garza, and Everett Bernal. Special thanks also to Bill Covey and his King Cove organization for the memorial’s landscaping.




Donate a brick with a $150 contribution to the Golfers Against Cancer. Because of the minimal cost of inscribing bricks, your contributions directly benefit cancer research. Enter the inscription exactly as you want it to appear (No more than 42 characters including spaces):

  • Price: $150.00
  • American Express

List Of Wall Donors

Last Name First Name Inscription
A2D Technology & GDS Engineers A2D Technology and GDS Engineers
Allen Don ILMO Gail Alllen
Allen Marveline You’ll Always be #1 Mike  Love Gram
Allen John Thomas F. Grimlley III
Allerd Mike We Miss You Granny Blanche Marbry
Allred Mike & Debbie Nola Fae Woods
Allred Mike Scott Carter
Allred Mike In Honor of Cancer Survivor Gee Gee Edwards
Allred Mike In Memory of Carolyn Conners
Altra Energy Altra Energy
Altra Energy Technology Altra Energy Technology – 1999
American Express American Express – 1999
Anderson IMO Scott Anderson
Andorfer Donald J. Hang in there – Bud Forster
Andretti Mario For My Dad “Gigi” Andretti Love, Mario 1999
Ansley William S. ILMO Jackie Ansley
Area Jack & Mary Lou George Graziadio Forever Loved
Area Jack & Mary Lou Pat McDaniel We Miss Her So The Area’s
Aswell Sharon & Jim In Loving Memory of Louis Alexander Dee
Aswell Sharon & Jim “Carol Rook, Sister & Friend  Sharon Aswell
AT & T AT & T
Atlas Air ATLAS AIR 2000
Atnip Michael ILMO Red & Jean Atnip
Bank United Bank United
Bartlett Bruce, Debbie, Josephine, John The Bartletts- Bruce, Debbie, Josephine, John
Battelle Gene & Linda IMO Of Ourf Parents  Gene & Linda Battelle
Baylor Institute for Immunology Research Baylor Institute for Immunology Research – 1999
Beauchamp Allen & Jack Donna Melranno
Beauchamp Alan IMO All Our Friends The Alan Beauchamp Family
Beckmeyer John ILMO Michelle Marrot
Benitez Manuel III In Memory of Manuel Benitez Jr.
Bernal Everett & Randee Everett Randee Stacie-Allison Bernal
Bernal Everett & Randee Everett & Randee Bernal
Bernal Everett & Randee Allison & Stacie Bernal
Bevill & Naaccarato Bettiann & Steve Loving Mother  Betty Naccarato
Bird Jim Jim Bird
Bisys BISYS 2000
Blank under bench
Board GAC Jim Ducey-Golfer-Husband-Son-Brother-Uncle
Bobigian Rick & Janez In Memory of Fabian A Buquoi
Bobigian Rick In Memory of Joseph McArthur Edwards
Bodman George & Janet In Memory of John W. Bodman 1888-1980
Bodman George  & Janet In Memory of William J. Manno
Bonds Jack Forever Loved  Sherri S. Bonds  1943-2002
Bonds Jack We Love You Gram  Sherri Kyle – Jake
Bostrom Dick Dick Bostrom
Bourke Irene In Memory of Walter Hoefferle
Bourque Roger &Vickie To Our Friends & Family Roger & Vickie Bourque
Bowen Patricia A. In Loving Memory of Frank S Bowen III
Bowers Steven In Celebration Of Donna Bowers Steve, Carli, Josh
Brack Karol To Challis A Loving & Accepting Mother
Brancato Debbie Dave & Debbie Brancato
Breen Norm IMO Betty Breen  Norm & Joanne
Broncato David For Our Buddy Brad “Bingo
Brown & Root Services BROWN & ROOT SERVICES  2000
Buetle Steve Gale Bueltel-Remembered by the Bueltels
Byers IMO Sherman & Lucille Byers
Byers Mike Proof You Can Win  Barbara Byers
Byington Alonzo Remebered Always Wally Luthy
Canfield Wm IMO Vera Canfield    Great Mother
Cantrell Diane In Memory Of Bill Cantrell
Carabbas Carabbas
Carlson Wagonlit Travel CARLSON WAGONLIT TRAVE; 2000
Cato Jim For My Parents Bob and Didi Cato
Chambers Chris Much Love to Bob Chambers  Chris & Brenda
Chambers Chris IMO Bob Chambers  wife & children
Chambers Chris & Brenda With Our Hearts, CW & BL Chambers 2010
Chase Bank Chase Bank
Ciotti Dorine & George In Memory of Dave Roberts – The Ciotti Family
Clarey Bill & Peggy Bill and Peggy Clarey
Clarey Jack IMO Doug Andrews 1942-2001
Clarey Bill and Peggy Larry Hones “Love you Man”
Clarey Peggy  WOLH LGA Walden on Lake Houston Ladies Golf Assn.
Clarey/Napier International Consultants CLAREY/NAPIER INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS 2000
Clary Brian In Memory of Ron Bliss  Great American
Clary Brian In Loving Memory of Steven Lynn Henderson
Clary Brian In Honor of Bryan O. Blevins, Jr. and family
Clary Brian In Memory of Bill Loveless
Clary Brian Jimmy R. Null Beloved Dad of Jason & Kim
Clary Brian In Loving Memory of Clara Ann Bates
Clary Brian In the memory of Mary Jane Cloud
Clary Brian In Memory Of Richard Collins
Clary Brian In Memory Of Ronnie Ammann
Clary Brian In Loving Memory Of Charles Maluch
Clary’ Brian In Memory Of Lauren Jordan Argento
Club Corporation of America Club Corporation of America
Continental Airlines Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines Continental Airlines – 1999
Coskey Shirley & Bubba Thank You GAC from Susan G. Komen
Coskey Shirley & Bubba Breast Cancer Foundation Hou. Affiliate
Covey Bill & Carole Bill & Carole Covey
Crawford Ann IMO Frank Hebert
Crawford John & Ann IMO A. H. Crawford
Criner Bill & Frances In Memory of Loved Ones The Criners
Crockett Russell T. Love & Honor to Mom-Olivia H. Emmons Crockrtt
Crockett Russell Love & Honor to Mom-Olivia H. Emmons Crockett
Cunningham Janet & David, & Gay Felts IMO Marlene Friedman
Curiel Scott Hector  Curiel M.D. 1927-1995
Curiel Barbara Dennis, Liz Keifer Trixler
Curtis Stan F. Stan & Pat Curtis  For Families
D’Amato Cliff In Honor of Rich Laurita
Darden Burt Jr. In Memory of Burt Darden Sr.
Darden Burt Jr. IMO Gilbert DeJohn
Darden Burt Jr. Earl Elliott
Davenport Buck Buck Davenport
davenport Buck & Ginger Dan Davenport
Day Chris & Cindi “Stay Strong” Grandpa Joe L.U. Amanda & Lauren
Delman Don IMO Trey Graves
DeLongchamps Peter ILMO Patsy Johnson Logan
Dempster Dan & Kimberley IMO Mally Inman  The Dempsters
Denman Carolyn Carolyn Denman Fight Against Cancer Winner
Denney Wayne & Peggy Ellis ILMO Jean D Denney
Denney Wayne & Peggy Ellis ILMO Shelby L Denney
Desmarais Marilee & Neal For our Friends – Arnie and Sylvia – 1998
Dewberry John & Julie John & Julie Dewberry
DiFilippo Susan S. Tony DiFilippo  Tee Time In The Sky  10 07 02
Dodds Darrell Mildred M Dodds
Drew Paul Wayman Eustace, Paul Drew
Dross David In Honor of Dr. Raymond Dross
Druuer & Nathan Rebecca & Mandy In Memory of Michael Longpre’
DuBroc Mr. & Mrs. Marty Our Loving Father Edward DuBroc
DuBroc Mr. & Mrs. Marty Our Loving Father Roland Cartier
Ducey Jim Rosarie A. Ducey
Ducey Kathleen,David,Pat,Jason Forever Our Loving Brother Jim Ducey, 2012
Ducey Laurie In Loving Memory of Jim Ducey “The Duce”
Ducey Mom & Dad In Memory of Our Loving Son Mom & Dad Ducey
DWGA Harley Jon Schlemmer  DWGA Friends
DWGA Remembering Mike Longpre’-DWGA 2003
Edwards J erry IMO Phil Davis
Edwards Jerry Brian David Fox
Edwards Jerry In Remembrance of Mr. Pitt
Edwards Jerry In Memory of Bob Heath
Edwards Jerry Mama Jean
Eichelsdorfer Brandee You’ll Live In Our Hearts Forever Jimmie 2002
Eichelsdorfer Brandee ILM  Jimmie Pemberton
Elkins Ginny Friends of Al Elkins
Elkins Ginny Relatives of Al Elkins – Love ya later
Elliott Bill In Honor of Gerry Lepine  BE DA SB ST
English Glenda IMO Daisy E Phair
English Glenda IMO Milton W Phair
Equilon Enterprises Equilon Enterprises
Equilon Enterprises Equilon Enterprises – 1999
Equiva Trading Equiva Trading Co.
Equiva Trading Equiva Trading – 1999
Estrada Rose Happy Golfing Horace “Bud” Foster 2-7-01
Fallon John In Honor of Our Good Friend Charles Frank
Family Butler & Jamroz …MEME…Evelyn Carol Sandifer Hall
Fanning Don In Honor of Dave Roberts  The Fanning
Faulkenberry Walt Walt Faulkenberry
Faulkerson Stacy In Honor Of Barry Rucinski 1944-2008
Felts Rod For All Survivors
Felts Rod & Gay IMO Jo Ann Lively
Felts Gay In Celebration of Susan Hill
Felts Gay In Memory of Pat Wood
Felts Gay & Rod In Memory of Susan Hill  GAC Board Member
Ferguson Carol & Sylvester Julie Gibbs  Cancer Survivor
Ferguson Carol & Sylvester Jennifer Hannigan   Cancer Survivor
Finch Bernard In Memory of Jack Cahill, Love, Finches
Findlay Gordon Donna and Gordon Findlay
Fletcher Charles & Jean In Memory of Bob Fletcher 1954-1996
Foley Sara Al Elkins In Our Hearts Forever  2006
Ford Donald In Memory of our Brother, Barry Rucinski
Forman Lianne & Ed In Fond Memory of Sizanne Berkman
Frutiger Gordon Live Forever – Bro/Rob Frutiger – Survivor
GAC IMO Edward Monarchi GAC Board
GAC Board In Memory of Gontrand Bebel
GAC In Memory of John Owens
GAC Board In Memory of Christopher J Dewberry
GAC “Good Golf, Good Tennis-Whatever Makes you Happy
GAC gals Randee,Rene’,Marita,Sarah,Laurie,Sally In Memory of Christine & John Robert Jones
Garcia Tony In Memory of Charles “Chuck” Hibble
Garcia Tony In Loving Memory of Sara Sanchez  1931-1987
Gardner Gene & Virginia Gene and Virginia Gardner
Gardner Gene & Virginia Gene and Virginia Gardner
Gayok Ted & Judy Ted and Judy Gayok
Gerard Bob & Family In Memory of Mike Longpre’ The Gerard Family
Gilbert M.D. Victory Irene Gilbert ~ Fernando Grajales
Golden Kate LPGA
Gonzolas IMO Irma Gonzolas
Gorman Michael & Beth Michael Beth & Ryan Gorman
Gottlieb Sarah For My Best Friend  Harold Gottlieb
Gottlieb Sarah L’Chaim Barry  Love, Sarah
Gottlieb Sarah Stephen Gottlieb to Health
Gottlieb Sarah In Memory of Stephen Gottlieb with Love MOM & Dad
Gottlieb Sarah In Memory of Sean Sachs
Gottlieb Sarah & Harold Tina & Barry We Love You Sarah & Harold
Gottlieb Sarah For Carol  To Health – Love  Mom & Dad
Gregory Michele IMO Virginia Baugher
Gretman Kirby In Loving Memory of Anthony Sanfilippo
Gross Jack Adelle & Esther Gross Survivors
Gullquist Don Stan Gillquist & Tom Bailey
Hansen Chuck In Memory of Charles E Hansen  Morgan & Sara
Harco Insurance Services Harco Insurance Services 2002
Harmon Nancy Vern Fraser  Claude Harmon  Alice Harmon
Harmon Nancy Kenneth Schnitzer
Harris Titus In Memory of Titus Harris, Jr.
Harris Titus In Memory of Edward Harris
Harrison James In Memory of a True Friend Wally Luthy
Harrison Hilary and Bruce In Memory of Lucian M. Thompson
Harrison Hilary and Bruce In Memory of Robert Stanley Harrison
Healy Don & Colleen Don & Colleen Healy
Hedges Bill Dad   Love Bill
Henderson Eric Jim Burford -Father-True Gentleman
Henderson Traci Eric Henderson Family
Henderson Eric ILMO Josie Harrison
Henderson Eric Kramer STH Henderson
Henderson Eric Rudo Winckler  Gentleman, Mentor, Friend
Henderson Eric In Honor of Jack
Henderson Eric Sebastian TBGRTEW Henderson
Henderson Eric ILMO Our ‘Cousin Gordon’-The Henderson’s
Henderson Eric In Loving Memory of Eric James Henderson
Hewett Cristen & Bob Bob and Cristen Hewett
Hewett Jim & Kathy Hewetts Against Cancer
Highland Threads Highland Threads
Hill Susan Erling Benson
Hill Susan In Honor of Julia Maas
Horowitz Johathan In Tribute to Richard Martin Horowitz
Houston BMW Group The Houston BMW Group – 1999
Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa – 1999
Howe Bob The Howe Family  Semper Fi
Huber IMO Lee Huber
Huyler Doni & Bill Doni & Bill Huyler
Hyatt Regency Hyatt Regendy
IHS Energy IHS Energy
Inman Chris Beau Chene Country Club
Interactive Ensemble Interactive Ensemble
International Insurance Consultants International Insurance Consultants
JAM  Foundation JAM  Foundation – Bobby and Susan Jones
Jandora Kristine We Miss You Mom! Diane McInerney
Johnson Tracy & Tracy For  Sharon Cushman  We Love You!
Johnson Blake Blake and Lisa Johnson
Johnston-Forbes Cathy In Memory of Mike Moore – CJ-F/LPGA Pro
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Richard Love, III
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Susan Miller Jones
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of the Siederman Sisters
Jones Bobby & Susan To: Colonel, Dave Roberts-“Sat.Crew”
Jones Bobby & Susan Bobby and Susan Jones “Friends”
Jones Bobby & Susan Bobby and Susan Jones 1999
Jones Bobby & Susan Thomas “Mac” McNulty
Jones Bobby & Susan IMO Wally Moll
Jones Bobby & Susan IMO Tyler Ugolyn
Jones Bobby & Susan IMO Larry Howe
Jones Bobby & Susan IMO Grayson Boycd
Jones Bobby & Susan IMO Michelle Hildebrand
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Marilyn Morring
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Bob Cloughen
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Wally Luthy
Jones Bobby & Susan Jackson & Garrett Clary
Jones Bobby & Susan Welcome Andrew Max Mountjoy 01/31/05
Jones Bobby & Susan Welcome Reagan Star Heinrich 01/28/05
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Kendall Magee
Jones Bobby & Susan In Loving Memory C.W. and Ruth Tullos
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Bess Clemens-Booher
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Lucas Mames MacLeod Lippey
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Warren Parker
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Sarah Klein
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Earl Woods  1932-2006
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Larry Wright
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Heather Clard
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Abigail Lila Pierson
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Eula Edwards
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Ellie Walker Sellery
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memorh of Amy Stubblefield Francis
Jones Bobby & Susan In Honor of Elliot O’Brien
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Bill Seawell
Jones Bobby & Susan Welcome – William Dylan O’Hurley
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of George P. Cooper
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Dan Stonionis
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Stewart E. Lavey
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Eric Torkildson
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Hannah Turowski
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Susan M. Markel
Jones Bobby & Susan In Memory of Carole Roberts Kratkiewicz
Jones & Ducey Bobby & Laurie In Memory of Mike Casey
Joyce Bev & Bob Michael Joyce  “Gentle Giant”  1976-2001
Kaiser Chuck Dale and Chuck Kaiser
Kaiser Charles & Dale Charles & Dale Kaiser  Fund of C.H.C.F.
Kalass Bob Kalass Family Todd, Patty, Erik & Halely
Kathy’s golf group In Memory of Brad-From the DW Veranda
Kathy’s golf group Remembering Brad Trickey-Kathy’s Golf Group
KBC  Advanced Technologys KBC  Advanced Technologys
Kellog Brown & Root Kellog Brown & Root
Kellog Brown & Root Kellogg Brown & Root 1999
Kief Werner ILM Lou Trapolino
Kingwood Conroe Medical Centers Kingwood Conroe Medical Centers – 1999
Kingwood Locker Room Staff Betsy Tomey In Memory of Michael Longpre’
Kingwood Medical Kingwood Medical
Kirby Tom & Betty IMO Dave Roberts, The Kirbys
Kirk Donna Golf’s A lot Like Life  T.K. and Donna Kirk
Kirk Kevin ….Another Brick in the Wall, K.K.
Kissinger Paul ILM Anna Peters  October 2002
Knape Koke Larry Berry-Bill Willson – Koke Knape
Knop Kurt CaPCURE: We Will Cure Prostate Cancer
Knowlton Steve $ Patti In Memory of Mike Longpre’ The Knowlton’s
Korb Brent Ruth Carter & Beryl Korb Our Inspirations
Korb Brent Love Brent Jennifer Morgan & Carter Korb
Koroscik Micheal In Memory of Ron Koroscik
Kratkiewicz Carole & Art Katie, Nick, Carole and Art Kratkiewicz
Kuh Mary & Warren Warren and Mary Kuh
Kuh Warren R. B O C Gasses 2000
LaFollette Lisa In Loving Memory Of Dad Billie L. Anderson
Landmark Graphics Landmark Graphics
Lange Ken In Memory of Ray Labelle  The Langes
Lardon Bob Ted Lardon In Memory Bob Lardon
Leach Charlie In Loving Memory of Dale Leach
Leal Ron The Family of Ron Leal A Great Cause
Lefelar Garry & Debbie Debbie And Gary Lefelar
Lively Tracy & Tracy In Honor of the Life of Mike Longpre’
Long Stephen Clay Dr Walter And Beverly Lond Love Stephen
Longpre John Never Give Up  Longpre’s
Longpré Micheal In Loving Memory of Chuck Allen
Longpré Sarah EMS-You will be hugely missed
Longpre’ Sarah Mike Longpre’ 1967-2003 Never Gave Up
Longpre’ Sarah MSL You Will Remain in my Heart SML
Longpre’ Kevin For Uncle Mike  Love, Michael, Jacob and John
Longpre’ David & Florence Our Nephew and Cousin Mike Spikie
Longre’ Sarah & Mike United We Stand
Losa Judith In Memory of Michael Longpre’ 1967-2003 rlga
Lyon Bruce Roger White
Lyon Bruce Machrihanish
Lyon Bruce In Honor of Gail H Williams
Lyons DDS Bruce In Honor of Mary Plybon A Great Friend of TRIAD GAC
Maritz Travel Maritz Travel – 1999
Mathews Marita IMO Mr. Floyd Sonnier
Mathews Marita In Loving Memory of Barbara Malenky
Mathews Marita In Loving Memory Of Collin James Magee
Mazzaferro Jerry Work Smart-Be Well-Play Hard Joe Mazzaferro
McCreary Gary Rex McCreary Colon Cancer
McCreary Gary Gladys Ronning Colon Cancer
McCreary Gary & Paula Edward Beall  Brain Cancer
McDaniels Larry & Niki Larry and Niki McDaniels
McDonald Ken Ken-Tracy-Caston-Kena McDonald
McElroy Ted & Carole Ted, Susan, Natalie & Ally McElroy
McGuffy Tom In Memory of Jack Diffy
McInerney Thomas & Paula Thomas & Paula McInerney
McLellan George In Memory of My Grandfather  George E. McLellan
McNulty Laurie In Honor of Cindy McNulty
McNulty Laurie In Honor of Bobby & Susan Jones  2002
McQuade Denis For Gran, McQuade From The McQuades
McQuade Dennis For Lauren and Dean McQuade
Medrano Donna Donna Medrano
Meecham Ross Susan ILMO Jim Meecham, Golfer, 1928-2005
Merchants Bank Merchants Bank
Mers Jeffrey My Loving Wife Shannon Leanne Mers
Messer Bert Bob Cole 1920-2010 Killearn Country Club
Meyer Helen & Vince Helen & Vince Meyer
Moise Vaughn Remember Lee Huber Owner Bill’s Cafe
Moise Vaughn Earl Elliott “The Starter”
Moll John In Loving Memory of Betty Walsh
Monarchi Ed & Carol Perseverance Pays Ed and Carol Manarchi
Montel Betsey Thank You   Mimi and Me
Morgan Jim Morgan Family, Jim, Mona, Kim, Jessica, Claire
Morgan Jim Jim and Mona Morgan
Morgan Jim Alan Davis Sunningdale A Great Friend
Morgan Jim Jim Jaskoske A Good Friend and a Lover of the Game
Mosier J.C. In Memory of Gary Mosier  Love Barbara
Mountjoy Max Cancer –  Worse than Gallipoli
Myer Hap & Vince Bill O’Riley  Remembered by Hap & Vince
Myers Diane & John Diane and John Myers
Myers Richard R. ILM of Dick & Lucra Myers
Myers John E. To My Brother Howard G. Myers, Jr.
Myers Deb & Bill For Mike Longpre’  The Sabo Families`
Myers John For John Myers Survivor of Prostate Cancer
Nakashima Jerry IMO Sachi Nakashima Jerry, Lisa & Meagie
Nance Denise Tom Glazier It Was A Great Ride, Love You
Neville Bill & Kate IMO Frank Pritchard
Newlin Mike To Find a Cure  Mike Newlin
Norwaki James Ron and Charlene Bliss-True Survivors
Norwaki James Cancer Survivors Fund-“From surviving to Thriving”
Nowak Sara IMO Milo Choate & Avis L. Holden
Nowak / Remax Nowak / Remax
Nunnallee Linda Celebrating Ben Jones-Love,”Iny Nunny”
O’Brien Jerry W. George L. Hinds – July 4, 1921, Jan. 3, 1998
Odegard Vickie Kenneth and Edith Howard
Owens Kathleen In Memory of John J. Owens  Owens Family
Papasakelariou Beth In Honor of Dr Cristo Papasakelariou
Pappas Chris C Christopher C. & Joan F. Pappas & Family
Parks Gary Jean Parks  Gary Pam & Steve
Paul Clair IMO Amanda “Mandy” Adkins
Pence Katie In Honor of My Grandparents-Katie Pence
Phinny Phil William S. and Jane E. Hart
Piccione Jim In Loving Memory of Jim & Juliea Piccione
Pickett Jerry Jerry Pickett
Plank Rocky In Loving Memory of David L. Scott
Porter Jeff In Memory of Bill Porter
Porter Jeff In Memory of Dick Porter
Price Ted K. W. Receivables
Pricewaterhouse Coopers In Memory of Harold Dokupil
Prichard April In Memory of Paul Hickman 1962-2011
Prichard April Jean Prichard, Survivor, April & Bret
Qantas Quantas
Rack Deerwood Morning In Memory of A Gordon Findlah Jr.
Raffa Tony The Raffa Family
Raffa Tony Amedeo’s
Rainey Roma To My wonderful father Doc Rainey, Love Kim
Rainey Roma We love you Doc-Pam, Scott, Chris, Sean , Evan
Rainey Roma In Loving Memory of Bill Rainey
Ratliff Byron & Bobbie In Memory of Jason A. Crump
Ratliff Byron Charles R Ratliff – Loved The Game
Redman Susie Susie Redman and sons, John, Ben and Jesse
Roberts Sally & Dave Sally and Dave Roberts
Roberts Sally C. Jill Chambers Dolby – 1943-94 – Never Gave Up
Roberts Family IMO Kathy Hewett  The Roberts Family
Roberts Sally C. & family In Memory of James H. Griffin  The Roberts
Roberts Jim Dave Roberts Wind and Wings  Jim Roberts
Roberts Sally Remembering Iva & Bill McWilliams    Sally
Roberts Sally Colonel Dolby  1943-2006  “Top Gun”
Roberts Sally Carole Roberts Kratkiewicz     Kept the Faith
Roberts Sally Gene Gardner, Husband, Father, Golfer, Friend
Roberts Wollmann Carin We Love You Grandpa Dave Eric, Stephanie & Jessica
Robinson Paula & David In Memory of Michael Longpre’   The Robinsons
Rosenbluth International Rosenbluth International – 1999
Rouse Julie & Rick We Love You, Jack Rouse
Rucinske Susan In Loving Memory Of Our Dad Barry Rucinski
Rucinski Bea Barry R. The best son a Mother ever had -Bea R..
Rudd Charlie In Memory of Nelson West & Wayne Taylor
Russ Jack Bob Underwood
Ruziska Barbara & Phil Loving Memory  Virginia Crawford
Ryan Seth In Honor of Nancy Ryan, Love Seth
Ryan Seth In Honor of Jake Tristine, Love Uncle Seth
Ryan Seth In Honor of Sue Johnson, Seth and Lauren
Sachs Dr. Barry IMO Harry & Gene Sachs
Sachs Dr. Barry In Memory of Harry and Gene Sachs
Sachs Dr. Barry IMO Shirlee Sachs
Sachs Barry & Tina In Memory of Claudia Beckner
Sachs Barry & Tina Stephen Gottlieb Loving Son, Husband & Father
Sachs Deanne For Mom  Gwendolyn Young
Sachs Tina Jacob Haidnick “Honest Jake”
Sachs Ti na & Barry Mike Skinner Friend & Golf Bully
Sachs Mischa In Memory Of Shirlee Sachs
Sachs Tina & Barry In Loving Memory   Harvey Graves Sr.
Sachs Barry In Loving Memory of Dorris L Murray
Sander Morris & Mundy Sander Morris and  Mundy
Sanderson Derek Derek Sanderson & family God Bless Us All
Sandow Alice M. Alice M Sandow
Sandow Bryan The Sandow Family  LL&J
SATO Travel SATO Travel 2000
Saunders Paul In Loving Memory of Lora Urban
Schlemmer Harley In Memory of Harley Jon Schlemmer
Schutzenhofer Bill Bill Schutzenhofer
Seidl Leon Jr. IMO Mitchell Briggs Sr. Seidl’s Bindery
Semander John $ Nancy IMO Earl Elliott Nancy & John
Sexton Buddy In Honor of Judy Sexton In Memory of Marvin Sexton
Sexton Buddy & Judy In Memory of Phillip E. Prillman
Shell Oil Shell Oil
Shimaitis Gail Mindy Benson
Short Kari & Jacob Arthur J. Johnson  “Good Friend”
Sifford IMO Rose Sifford
Simmons Betsy & Brad in Loving Memory of Gary Conover
Sinclair John In Loving Memory of Marla Sinclair
Sison Arnel In Kind Support Mr. Arnel C Sison
Smith Bronwen Kathryn Sladek Smith: We LoveYou and Miss Your
Spinetti Bob To Good Health  Iretha &  The Spinner
Spinetti Bob Linda Wells A Dear Friend Bob And Iretha
Staff Clarey Firm ILM of Allie Henderson
Stage Stores Stage Stores
Stahl Becky M. Longpre’ His Quiet Dignity Touched Us All
Stika Phil Stika Family- Philip, Marie & Children
Stilwell Lisa TOTT/STENTEX
Stilwell Lisa TOTT STENTEX 2001
Strickland Dwight Larry Lee
Strickland Russell Lone star Truck Center, Houston, Texas
Stringer Jim IMO Waymon Eustace  Jim Stringer
Strouse IMO Lee .Bekner Strouse
Stubbs Fondest Memories of Jack Stubbs Sr.
Tanner Bill Alan Tanner in Your Memory Patti Jay Bill
Tapscott W. Ken Jr. In Memory of Larry Brown
Tapscott William Good Luck  Jackie Montejano
Tapscott Ken, Jr. For My Secretary Rocky Alaniz  October 2005
Technip Technip
Thomas C.F. Charlie F. Thomas  God Bless
Timms Steve IMO Michael Rose  The Timms
Tina Sachs Jacob Haidnick “Honest Jake”
Traina John Thoughts and Prayers. The Traina Family
Twiggs Gregg W.W.J.D.
under the bench
under the bench
Van Alstine Melissa In Loving Memory of Jim VanAlstine
Van Vliet Joan ILMO Pieter Van Vliet
Viault Anne In Memory of Joan Gauldin-Friday Golfers
Viault Anne In Memory of Pierre Bessiere
Walsh Ray For All You Do Thanks  Lymphoma Clinic
Walsh Kathleen & Jim In Momory of Uncle Jack Leydeen The Walshes
Walsh Kathleen & Jim Get The Party Ready 4US, Ralph Burwell
Walter F. Rodger In Memory of Frederick Walter
Ware Robbie In Memory of Glen Rawson
Warner Darrell Darrel Warner
Wayne Jeffrey M.D. In Loving Memory of Milton Wainstein
Welsch Kathy Gina  1953-1999
Wertz Tom In God We Trust  Frank Jordan
Wertz Tom ILMO Ann Berryhill
Weston Pat & Ardy Pat and Ardy Weston
Weston Pat & Ardy Julius and Elnor Seitz
Weston Pat ILMO Julius Seitz
Weston Pat IMO W. J. “Bill” O’Riley
Whelpley Roland World Trade Cargo & Logistics
Williams Bruce In Loving Memory of Dorothy E. Williams
Wolfe Barry L. Barry L. Wolfe
Wolfe Margaret Bates Darla S. Bates Our Mother Our Friend
Wood Greg ILMO Katherine Edwards
Wright Chuck Chuck Wright
Yunt Sharon & Tony In Memory of Ann Benham
Zimmer James ILM Marian Zimmer
Zindler Jr. Marvin In Memory of Gertrude Zindler
Zinnecker Ken In Memory of Charlie Zinnecker
In Memory of Jeremy Francis
In Memory of David Roberts – “The Colonel”
IMO Dorothy Jones Cooper
IMO Dave Roberts
Our Friends Rose Sifford, Nick Battle
IMO Andy Thigpen, Always a Jedi
IMO Ida Raspler