GAC Fund-Raising Events

1Gala0044At the cornerstone of GAC are the Houston and Walden on Lake Conroe events. Houston culminates the year with a 3-day weekend starting with a gala dinner and auction followed by 2 days of golf for sponsors and participants. Walden on Lake Conroe conducts a golf tournament and a Walden 100 event where participants play 100+ holes in a day.

Over the years, GACs circle of supporters has grown such that additional non-golfing events were created – the Dinners for Cancer Research (DCR). DCRs have become vehicles for golfers and non-golfers alike to support friends and family with cancer and to help speed the cure. Dinners have been held in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Greensboro, and New York. DCR events are sponsored and funded by their local founders with the proceeds remaining in their communities.

Golfers Against Cancer and the Dinners for Cancer Research exist only because of our many volunteers, sponsors and participants. The overwhelming support of many, many people have made the organization and its contributions to cancer research unique among charitable efforts. We are thankful for so many friends of GAC and welcome the opportunity to highlight their contributions. Please follow these links to learn more about wonderful Golfers Against Cancer events that continue to take place around the country:

Greensboro, NC – Annual Triad Dinner for Cancer Research, founded in 2005.  

Boston, MA – Started in 2006; annual dinner event.  

Denver, CO  – Formed in 2009; golf tournament and dinner.  

Sarasota, FL – Callahan Tire Annual Pro Am Golf Tournament